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Joined our Family
Monday April 23 at 11:57 pm
4lbs 10 oz   17 3/4 inches long



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Pregnancy, and Birth Photos, along with my first 3 days of life. Even though I was a preemie, I came home within 2 days of being born.
April 2001

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Everyones lives at home changed to my schedule,  I was so tiny even my preemie clothes didn't fit for a long time.
May 2001

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Finally my clothes fit, but not for long, serious growth spurt, and learning to play, major changes.
May24-July23, 2001

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Proffessional Photographs, Eating my first foods, my first vacation, oh what a fun time, and I'm not so little anymore.
July 24- September 23, 2001

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Sitting up, Halloween, huge growth spurts, I'm learning so quickly it's hard to keep up !
September 24- November 23, 2001

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My first Thanksgiving & Christmas
November 24-January 23

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Welcome to the new Year !
January 24 2002- March 23- 2002, My first mardi gras, gasperilla, and weeki wachi trip.

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My first easter, My first birthday

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